Law School Fund

The Law School Fund supports the Law School's annual operating budget, funding numerous activities and programs. When contributing through the Law School Fund, you have the option to give unrestricted support, which allows the dean and School leaders flexibility to direct your gift to the area of greatest need, or you may also restrict your gift through the Law School Fund to support the following areas:

Why give to the Law School Fund?

When you give through the Law School Fund, you are joining the tradition of giving which underwrote your education and investing in the value of your Northwestern Law degree. As a student, this rich learning environment was made possible through the generosity of generations of alumni and friends whose gifts helped build the classrooms, recruit faculty, and start the innovative programs which make Northwestern Law extraordinary. Today, alumni contributions help the Law School foster a culture of collaboration among highly-engaged students, in an environment that emphasizes collegiality over competition and addresses not only the skills required of successful students, but those of dynamic professionals. A thriving Law School Fund is a principal means by which alumni participate in enhancing the School and realizing Northwestern Law’s mission to be the great law school for the changing world.

Gifts through the Law School Fund help Northwestern to:

• attract exemplary students
• recruit and retain the most interdisciplinary and highly-credentialed faculty in the world
• continue pursuing innovative programs and clinical experiences
• nimbly respond to an ever-changing economy and legal job market
• bridge the gap between tuition revenue and comprehensive education costs
• improve facilities
• and more