2017 Graduating Class Gift

Class of 2017 Graduating Class Gift Campaign

The Class of 2017 is challenging themselves to achieve the highest ever level of participation for the Graduating Class Gift (GCG). If they reach their goal of 56% class participation, Dean Rodriguez and Professor Oster will match 1:1 the first $10,000 raised by the GCG in equal measure to the Law School Fund accounts where students made their gifts.

To see the Class of 2017's progress in real-time, Follie's-created video content, and other campaign updates, visit the GCG 2017 Catalyzer site!


Class of 2017 Graduating Class Gift Committee

Liani Balasuriya, Co-Chair
Patrick Cordova, Co-Chair
Erwin Cruz, Co-Chair
Fabio Heilberg, Co-Chair
Abi Hoverman, Co-Chair
David Lakin, Co-Chair
Mark Lohr, Co-Chair
Matt Monahan, Co-Chair
Alexandra Moxley, Co-Chair
Kwaku Osebreh, Co-Chair
Julia Prochazka, Co-Chair
Leigh Rorick, Co-Chair
Craig Sanders, Co-Chair
Beau Tremitiere, Co-Chair
Ari Volpe, Co-Chair
Mma Afoaku
Evi Agustina
Colby Alexis
Shade Anozie
AnaVictoria Avila
Narces Beltran
Jillian Bowman
Blayre Brown
Gina Chen
Katie Cornish
Brendan Duffy
Shana Dunning
Max Fater
Woodger Faugas
Ashwin Ganesan
Blanca Garcia
Chris Grady
Thomas Guzman
Shams Hirji
Brandon Knop
Shephen Laudone
Grace Ly
Trevor Martin
William McGlothlin
Novaira Paul
Tracy Reyes
Andy Rodheim
Bekah Ross
William Schoenfeld
Daniel Siegel
Atonieta Silva
Eva Tanna
Renato Tavares
Kymberly Thoumaked
Conor Tucker
Sam Tuttleman
Carmen Villagomez
Zheng Wang
Margaret Yeager


Contact Claire Gilpin at 312.503.1769 or claire.gilpin@law.northwestern.edu.

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