2016 Graduating Class Gift

Class of 2016 Graduating Class Gift Campaign

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 on a historic Graduating Class Gift campaign! Not only did the Class of 2016 exceed their goals and achieve new records for class participation (55%) and cash raised ($13,848), they also had a record number of donors (276) and leadership Wigmore donors (130). These records stand as a testament to the Class of 2016's commitment to the Law School community, and will serve to inspire future classes at Northwestern Pritzker School of Law.

Every year since 1989 leaders from the Northwestern Law graduating class to form a committee and promote the class gift effort.

Students are able to support the programs and initiatives that are most meaningful to them.


  • The Bluhm Legal Clinic
  • JD-MBA Scholarships 
  • Law School Scholarships
  • The LLM Program
  • The LLM-Tax Program
  • MSL Program
  • Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP)
  • The Pritzker Legal Research Center (Library)

The Class of 2016 has benefited from the generosity of alumni donors, and now it's their turn to pay it forward to the community, within and beyond the campus at Lakeshore Drive and Chicago.

Graduating Class Gift Committee Members

Stephanie Adamo
Brian Cox
Mackenzie Drutowski, Co-Chair
Paula Vargas Garcia
Clemens Gaugusch, Co-Chair
Derrik Gay, Co-Chair
Caroline Geist-Benitez, Co-Chair
Reginald Guy
Annum Haider
Andrew Heffler, Co-Chair
Gabriel Heurtebize
Jonathan Grabill, Co-Chair
Warren Li
Yali Li
Stephen Liebscher
Caitlin Matheny
Priyanka Mitra
Aravind Mokappati, Co-Chair
Kenichi Okada
Anna Oliveira, Co-Chair
Paige Cunningham
Laura Pone, Co-Chair
Sid Ray
Eduardo Reyes Chavez
Kevin Sanders, Co-Chair
Noeli Serna
Eugenia Aguiar Siqueira
Sterling Williams, Co-Chair
James Wu
Ouqing Wu
Sasha Young
Julio Zambrano, Co-Chair
Elsa Xiang


Contact Claire Gilpin at 312.503.1769 or claire.gilpin@law.northwestern.edu.

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