Public Service Program Partnership

Northwestern Law has a long history of graduating alumni who devote their lives to public service. Recognizing that giving back is a basic responsibility of the legal profession, the Law School launched a formal Public Service Program, designed to build an ethic of service and giving among all students, regardless of their career path. The strategy broadens the concept of public service beyond pro bono and public interest lawyering to include such things as volunteer service in the community, philanthropy, policy development, nonprofit management and board membership.

Students are now strongly encouraged to perform a minimum of 50 hours of public service before graduation. Alumni Maureen Stratton (JD '84) has been hired to cultivate service opportunities, place students and keep track of their efforts. We have had students making a difference in a myriad of ways, including tutoring children, working in soup kitchens, assisting people with tax refund forms, cleaning the parks and volunteering at a variety of legal service agencies.

If you are a member of a non-profit organization, legal or non-legal, or otherwise interested in partnering with law students to provide public service, please contact our Public Service Coordinator Maureen Stratton at (312) 503-4558 or by e-mail,

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