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As a member of Northwestern Law's vibrant community of alumni and friends, your participation is important to the life of the Law School. You can get involved in any number of wonderful programs and activities. Among the possibilities: help organize your class reunion, serve as a moot court judge, interview prospective students, and join the alumni club in your region or at your business. Your financial support is also critical to Northwestern's ongoing success, and we hope that you will consider giving back to the Law School in this way as well.

Please feel free to contact anyone on our team about the ways in which you can become a more involved member of the Northwestern Law community. We would love to help.

Main Office Line
: (312) 503-7609 | Main Email: 

Office of Alumni Relations and Development
375 East Chicago Avenue
Levy Mayer, Rooms 412-413
Chicago, IL 60611

Development and Alumni Relations

Daren Batke, Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations
(312) 503-0195 |

Alumni Engagement and Donor Relations

Darnell Hines, Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Donor Relations
(312) 503-7609 |

Christine Breakey, Senior Associate Director, Alumni Engagement
(312) 503-4186  |

Katelyn Doyle, Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
(312) 503-4410 |

Brett Gould, Assistant Director, Donor Relations
(312) 503-4414 |

Jasmin Jenkins, Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
(312) 503-8494 |

Emily Meisenzahl, Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement
(312) 503-1793 |

Natalie Brzoza, Program Assistant
(312) 503-2864  |

Stephanie Smith, Program Assistant
(312) 503-7609 |

Individual Giving

Emily Mullin, Senior Director of Major and Annual Giving
(312) 503-1558 |

Shawn Gavin, Director of Development
(312) 503-3174 |

Alan Paberzs, Director of Development, Bluhm Legal Clinic
(312) 503-0707 |

Anthony Tangora, Director of Development
(312) 503-6391 |

Michelle Engleman, Associate Director, Major Gifts 
(312) 503-0200 |

Sarah Zimmerman, Senior Associate Director, Annual Giving
(312) 503-1768 |

Claire Gilpin, Associate Director, Annual Giving
(312) 503-1769 |

Hilary Sager, Assistant Director, Annual Giving 
(312) 503-2688 |

Leah Handel, Assistant Director, Annual Giving
(312) 503-3147 |

Courtney Brockenborough, Program Assistant
(312) 503-3147 |

Teddy Hedrick, Program Assistant 
(312) 503-1694 |